Honda Odyssey 4CH Thinkware Q800 Pro + 2x Cellink Neo Battery

What is better than one 2-channel dash cam? Having two of them in the same car! Installed on this Honda Odyssey are two Thinkware Q800 Pro dash cams. The setup is an interesting one, with the two front channel cameras being placed on the front and rear windshield. The rear cameras were placed on the windows of the third row passenger seats.

Tucked under the driver and passenger seats are two Cellink Neo's, which help prevent stress and drainage on the vehicle's battery. They were tucked under the driver and passenger seat out of view, and with the large 76.8Wh capacities, each camera is good for up to 20 hours of parking mode. External battery packs for dash cameras are always a good recommendation as it: prevents stress/drainage on the vehicle's battery, charges as you drive, and provides longer parking mode.