Honda HR-V Thinkware F800 Pro + iVolt Battery Pack

The Honda HR-V is a crossover based on the Honda Fit. The cars have a similar interior and the dash cam install is virtually identical in both models. As they are subcompact cars, the car's factory battery is on the small side (group 51R). In our experience, because the battery is so small, the parking mode recording time even with a energy efficient dash cam like the Thinkware F800 Pro, it usually only gets about 2-3 hours of parking recording. We installed the Thinkware iVolt BAB-50 battery pack on this car to help give it real parking recording (up to 16 hours with this F800 Pro). Another advantage to this battery pack is that it prevents any drain on the car's battery so the customer would not have issues starting their car. The high seating position on the Fit and HR-V also makes it easy to mount a battery under the driver's seat.

Honda HR-V dash cam

Honda HR-V Thinkware F800 Pro

Honda HR-V Thinkware F800 Pro rear dash cam

Honda HR-V iVolt battery