Honda Fit Wilwood Big Brake Kit (Super Affordable Upgrade!)

Although the Honda Fit is not a particularly powerful car out of the box, the braking performance still leaves a bit to be desired, especially for motorsports applications. We will "brake down" some of the options associated with the Wilwood brake upgrade 


This Wilwood 4 piston big brake kit will fit Honda/Acura models that use the 4x100 262mm rotor (10.3"), which is Honda p/n: 45251-SCC-901 or 45251-SCC-900 these include:

  • 1990-1993 Acura Integra
  • 1993-2001 Acura Integra GS/LS/RS/GS-R
  • 1997-2005 Acura EL
  • 2007-2014 Honda Fit 
  • 1990-2005 Honda Civic EX/LX/SI
  • 1994-1997 Honda Civic Del Sol
  • 2010-2014 Honda insight

The Forged Dynapro Honda/Acura (DPHA) caliper is made specifically for these applications and are a quick bolt-on install and can even reuse the factory brake hose. If a stainless line upgrade is desired, it would be the same applications as the factory calipers. These calipers will fit most 15" wheels as the profile of the caliper is still fairly slim, and only sticks out 0.84" from the wheel mount surface (hub). 

wilwood dpha clearance

For anyone that's having issue with sticking or seized calipers and doesn't want to take the risk with remanufactured calipers, the Wilwood DPHA is a great option that doesn't break the bank. There are a bunch of rotor and pad options for these brake kits but one could expect under $1000 (CAD) installed for a decent setup. We will help you with the research by listing out some relevant part numbers below!


The Wilwood DPHA calipers are powdercoated in a few different colours. There are bleeders on both sides so the same part number works for both left and right. The Competition blue part number at the time of this article is priced about 15% higher than the red or black option

  • Wilwood #120-12949-RD DPHA Caliper in Powdercoat Red
  • Wilwood #120-12949-BK DPHA Caliper in Powdercoat Black
  • Wilwood #120-12949-CB DPHA Caliper in Competition Blue 

Wilwood also sells a Caliper + Pad package with BP-10 but we only recommend the BP10 pads for street use. These kits are a good value as they're only about $600 CAD:

  • Wilwood 140-13029-R Red Calipers + BP10 Pads
  • Wilwood 140-13029 Black Calipers + BP10 Pads


The Wilwood DPHA caliper takes the Wilwood 7812 pad shape which is available from many manufacturers, not just Wilwood. Note that there are usually two pad thickness options, you should go for the 12.4/12.5mm option and not the 15mm option. Some popular options are:

  • 150-9136K Wilwood BP10 smart pad (Street use)
  • 150-9418K Wilwood BP20 smart pad (Street/Sport use)
  • HB542F.490 Hawk HPS (Street/Sport use)
  • HB542N.490 Hawk HP+ (Street/Sport/Light Track)
  • HB542W.490 Hawk DTC-30 (Track Day Pads)
  • Ferodo FRP3149H DS2500 (Street/Sport/Light Track)
  • Ferodo FRP3149R DS3000 (Track Day Pads)


We have not confirmed if the 280mm (Mini Rotor upgrade) will work with the DPHA applications, these are 262mm rotors that you can go for. The 262mm size will be available at pretty much any auto parts store as they were on some of the most popular vehicles (Civic/Integra/Fit) over the span of 2 decades:

honda fit rotor options

  • Akebono AK2074 Plain Rotors
  • Centric 120.40021 Plain Rotors
  • Brembo 09.5509.11 Plain Rotors
  • Bosch 26010730 Plain Rotors
  • Honda 45251-SCC-901 Plain Rotors
  • Stoptech 127.40021L / 127.40021R Slotted and Drilled Rotors
  • Stoptech 128.40021L / 128.40021R Drilled Rotors
  • EBC GD850 Sport Dimpled/Slotted Rotor Set
  • Wilwood 160-12838-BK / 160-12839-BK SRP Drilled/Slotted Rotor

Stainless Steel Lines

Many line kits will come in a set of 4, but some manufacturers sell lines by the axle, these are some of the popular options for Honda Fit:

  • Stoptech #950.40017 GD Fit Front Lines
  • Stoptech #950.40515 GD Fit Rear Lines
  • Stoptech #950.40018 GE Fit Front Lines
  • Powerstop #BH00075 GD Fit Front and Rear Lines
  • Powerstop #BH00076 GE Fit Front and Rear Lines
  • Goodridge #20114 4-Line Kit for 2009-2013 Honda Fit

Contact us today if you're interested in a brake upgrade package with or without installation for your car!

Install Pictures

Honda Fit DPHA Wilwood upgrade

Wilwood DPHA Honda Fit

Wilwood DPHA Caliper Honda Fit

Wilwood 4 piston bbk

Wilwood Caliper EBC Rotor