Honda Fit Sony XAV-AX5000 (Android/CarPlay) Double Din Install

With less than 50,000 km on the odometer, this mint 2010 Honda Fit owner felt their car was due for a head unit upgrade. This car had been paid off completely and a new Honda Fit with Apple CarPlay would cost an extra couple hundred dollars a month even with a trade in. We advocate for this kind of system upgrade as it makes a lot of sense for owners that take care of and enjoy their existing cars. For about $1000, this 2010 Fit now has a thoroughly modern head unit with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, USB, Bluetooth, and even a reverse camera. 

We installed a reverse camera that mounts using the existing license plate holes so we don't need to drill new mounting holes and screws into the pristine hatchback. While this receiver does not have built-in maps, you can take advantage of the USB port and access Google Maps through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for a truly user friendly experience. Additionally, as there are 2 USB ports, your secondary USB port can be used for media playback such as music or movies.

Installation Pictures


Honda Fit Sony AX5000 double din

Honda fit backup camera install

Honda fit backup camera license plate