Honda CRZ Backup Cam/Dash Cam Combo

Our customer uses this Honda CR-Z for food delivery and often has to park in very tight spaces so a backup camera was a great option. That being said, replacing the factory radio with a double din receiver and camera would run upwards of $700 and wasn't really necessary for this customer. Instead, our rearview mirror mounted dash cam/backup camera combo offers a better value than radio replacement as it not only works great as a backup cam but it has the recording function as well.

As a dash cam, it's definitely not the best but this new 7" touchscreen model is capable of 1080P recording. Parking mode, wifi, GPS, and other advanced features aren't found here nor are they expected at this price point. The maximum memory card supported is only 32GB which is fine since the camera will only record while driving. **PRO TIP** With smaller memory cards, we recommend keeping a spare in the car to prevent overwriting of important files. The 7" screen is super clear and offers guidelines for parking, the angle of the camera can be adjusted with the screws on the rear housing. Even when the screen is off, the mirror itself is noticeably wider and offers a better view than the factory piece. 

Check out the pictures below to see how this setup looks and works on this unique Honda!

Install Pictures

Overdrive honda cr-z backup camera install

honda cr-z backup camera rearview mirror dash cam

honda cr-z backup camera

Honda Cr-z toguard backup camera