Honda CR-V Kenwood Double Din Receiver Install

This customer was having issues with the factory CD receiver in her 2005 CR-V. The head unit would constantly ask for the security code and would only work for about 10-15 minutes before locking up again. The local Honda dealership wanted almost $200 just to diagnose the issue which doesn't include the parts or labour involved in fixing it. She reached out to us to find a permanent solution and for just a bit more than the diagnostic fee that Honda wanted to charge, we were able to outfit her car with a significant upgrade in terms of functionality and performance by way of the Kenwood DPX503BT.

Honda CD player crv

Nowadays, many aftermarket receiver manufacturers are moving towards mechless designs in favour of digital media like USBs, bluetooth streaming, and auxiliary inputs. This means that the head unit does not have a CD/DVD player but our customer had an extensive collection of CDs and requested a deck that could still play CDs. 

Kenwood DPX503BT Receiver

The Kenwood DPX503BT is a fully featured receiver capable of not only AM/FM radio and CD playback but also bluetooth, aux, and USB inputs. We also like this receiver as it has variable colour illumination which can be set to match the factory Honda lighting closely and not stick out like a sore thumb. With the Metra dash kit, the deck fits neatly in the center stack of this CR-V. Additionally, the bluetooth connectivity means that our customer can talk on the phone handsfree while avoiding costly fines from law enforcement for distracted driving. 

Kenwood dpx503bt crv honda

This receiver has a large volume knob and convenient buttons to quickly answer phone calls. An optional iDatalink Maestro SW module also helps to retain the steering wheel controls for the audio system. The front USB input makes it easy to charge her phone at 1.5A speeds and the aux input adds a degree of universal connectivity for various music devices. This receiver also offers Spotify control and is Sirius XM ready to add even greater value. In terms of sound quality, the FLAC compatibility, higher output wattage, and Kenwood's DSP technology all help to provide much better audio than the factory Honda system. 

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