Honda Civic Type-R with Thinkware F770

Civic Type R F770 overdrive

One of the most popular accessories purchased for a new vehicle is a dash cam. Nowadays, 2-channel dash cams outsell 1-channel (front only systems) as the additional protection can be had for less than $200 in most cases. On some vehicles like convertibles or cargo vans, a 1-channel system is usually the way to go. This Civic Type-R has a large rear wing, so some might wonder if a rear camera is worthwhile. Thankfully, based on the angle of the rear camera, the wing actually doesn't block too much of the view. With this viewing angle, you get a clear view of rear traffic as well as anyone who might try to break into the hatchback (during parking mode). 

Civic type r rear dash cam


For the hardwire installation on this Civic Type R, our customer opted for the Cellink NEO battery pack. As the seat on this car was a bit higher up, it was easy to find a spot right under the driver's seat to mount the battery. We hardwired this battery to the fuse box above the clutch pedal and ran the wire under the carpet for a seamless integration. For the wire going up to the dash cam, we removed the A-pillar so that the wire could be run behind the airbag and not cause any interference with the safety systems.

Civic Type R F770 Installation

We mounted the camera on the dot matrix on the windshield to conceal the device better. The Type-R does not have the large module with all the sensors on this part of the windshield like the touring models of the Civic, so the camera can be mounted nice and high. This makes for a more discreet positioning, as well as a better viewing angle for the corners of the vehicle. 

Civic Type R F770

The rear hatchback is a difficult install on these Civics, as the grommet for the wiring harness leading to the hatch is very tight. Professional installation is recommended for this vehicle. This is more work but it's the best method for a seamless and weatherproof install. We run our tool through the tube, lubricate the tube, and tape the dash cam wire to the other end to pull it through. 

Civic hatchback wiring dash cam

With the wire through the grommet, the rest of the install is very straight-forward. When all the trim panels and clips are put back in place, the camera is barely visible from the outside. A vital pro-tip from us at Overdrive is not to stuff the excess wires in the C-pillar of the vehicle. This will cause an interference with the keyless remote sensors and other systems in the vehicle.

Civic type r rear dash cam