Honda Civic Type R Thinkware x Weathertech x Philips Lighting

Our good customer recently replaced his Subaru BRZ with this Honda Civic Type R. The first thing we did was transferring his Blackvue B-124 and Thinkware F800 Pro 2-Channel dash cam setup over to keep the new car protected 24/7. We also ordered new Weathertech floorliners for both the front and rear seats. We love these floor mats as they extend further up and further back than most other mats on the market which gives better coverage. The rear liner is 1 piece so it extends over the middle hump as well.

We also replaced all the interior lights and reverse light with Philips Ultinon LEDs. These LEDs are better than generic LED bulbs as they offer a better light spread thanks to a special lens and chip positioning. They are also extremely reliable and virtually last forever. To top it off, our customer chose the classic CS-X3 squash air freshener which makes for a nice fragrance and dash ornament. 

Civic type r overdrive

Weathertech floorliner civic type r fk8

Philips LED dome light map light civic type r

Civic type r thinkware f800 pro

civic type r weathertech rear liner

Thinkware f800 rear dash cam civic type r