Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Mosconi & Focal System Install

Our customer previously had this system installed on his Subaru STI and wanted us to reinstall it in his new Civic Type R. We installed this 4-Channel and Monoblock amp for him under the front seats. We used a distribution block to run power to the two separate amps. With this particular application, many modern amps that are less than 2.5" thick will fit without any issue under the factory seats. Cars with aftermarket racing bucket seats may differ however.

Speaker Install

Both Metra and Best Kits(American International) make speaker brackets for this application as they're the same shape speaker that Honda has used for over a decade. That being said, note that the larger magnet on most aftermarket speakers may not clear the frame of the door and some trimming or bending of the metal behind the speaker may be required. To install these Focal Flax speakers, we did have to trim the door a bit. 

We found a spot under the factory door card to fit the crossovers which are on the larger side. We fabric taped the speaker wiring and ran it along the factory wires for an OEM look. This customer opted not to add additional sound deadening to the door and not to remove the factory sound deadening fabric.

For the tweeters, the factory grill is one piece with the stock tweeter. You can reuse this mounting position with many aftermarket tweeters. We have test fitted JBL and Alpine tweeters in here as well. For this Focal tweeter, we cut up some speaker grille material and reused the stock gloss black bezel for an OEM look. Those who are familiar with the factory tweeter grille might notice that the tweeter looks slightly different, but to the untrained eye it looks more or less factory.

See our Alpine R-Series FK8 install for a different application of the factory tweeter pods. On that application, the tweeter can be repositioned slightly whereas with these Focals we weren't able to adjust them. As these Focals were used, it did not come with all of the original mounting accessories.


For the subwoofer, our customer had an Atrend 10" box and Focal Flax 10" subwoofer ready to go. This setup takes up a bit of trunk space but is fairly straightforward to remove if he needed the extra space. The 10" subwoofer would not fit in the factory 8" subwoofer location on the right rear of the trunk without custom fabrication.

Other fun stuff!

We also did a sunstrip windshield tint to help block out some of the direct sunlight that the driver might see while driving. On the 2017 - 2019 Civics, a one-piece tint is possible as they do not have the Honda sensing module on the windshield. We did an 18% on the rear 3 windows, note that extra work is required for this vehicle as the smaller middle spoiler and the rear wiper has to be removed. We also installed a set of 1" spacers all around for the factory 20" wheels.

Contact us today if you're looking to upgrade the sound system on your vehicle! We can try our best to help find a solution to improve the sound based on your budget. 

Honda Civic Type R FK8 Sound System

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