Honda Civic SI (11th Gen) Work Emotion ZR10

To keep it consistent to JDM (despite the newer Civics not being assembled in Japan), our customer brought in their 11th Gen Civic SI for a set of Work Wheels. Sporting the popular Work Emotion ZR10 wheels, the SI now looks ready to take on the track or some windy roads.

Surprisingly, the factory wheels on the new SI are underwhelming for this vehicle. In Canada, the factory specs (may vary in your region) show the wheel and tire weighing a hefty 24kg per corner (53lbs in freedom units). After mounting the same tires on the new wheels, it showcases how well flow-formed technology works. The spec on the ZR10's is wider by a good 1.5", and on the same tires it weighs 19kg per corner (42lbs). The result is good 20kg (5kg/corner) shaved on unsprung weight, which means less power needed from the engine to move the vehicle. Unsprung weight in vehicles usually applies to anything wheel, brake, and suspension related. Saving weight in those areas greatly approves momentum during driving. The customer topped things off by changing to chrome purple Muteki SR48 lug nuts.

Last note is fitment-related. With this square wheel setup, the fronts and rears have a bit of poke, with more pronounced poke in the rear. Lowering the vehicle and adding camber adjustment would complete the look.

 Factory Wheel Spec:

  • 18x8 +50
  • With factory tires: 24kgs per corner (53lbs)

 Work Emotion ZR10 Spec: