Honda Accord Euro R (Acura TSX) Thinkware F800 Pro

With Canada being the home to many JDM cars, we're always excited to see a rare and unique one like the Honda Accord Euro R (CL7). This is perhaps the epitome of high performance Honda/Accord sedans and while it shares a similar look to the North American Acura TSX, there are many unique performance differences that set it apart.

But like any daily driver, a dash cam is a must. With JDM cars being written off a lot easier than local vehicles, it's good to protect yourself against potentially expensive claims. We went with a Thinkware F800 Pro for this car and hardwired it to the fuse box which is on the right side, rather than the left side on North American cars. 

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Honda Accord Euro R Overdrive

Honda Accord Euro R F800 Pro

Euro R Rear Dash Cam