Hit and Run Caught on Camera! (Thinkware F200 Pro)

If you were deciding between installing a single or 2 channel dash camera, look no further than the footage below. For context, our customer who had installed the Thinkware F200 Pro 2 channel dash camera, came back from shopping to see their left side passenger door all scratched up. The video shows the blue Honda Civic attempting to park in the spot next to our customer's vehicle and ends up hitting the parked car. Having that rear camera installed saved our customer from having to pay for the deductible for this hit and run incident, since the other party's plate was in full view. Also in view was the damage on the Civic as they left after the incident. The incident took place at Parker Place in Richmond, BC.

It was also a big bonus that this dash cam (among other Thinkware models) has parking mode. The only caveat for these dash cams is that the parking mode does not last too long (usually a couple of hours), unless an external battery pack was installed. Our customer was parked for about 1.5 hours, but if the voltage cut-off of 12.4 volts was met, then it would not have recorded the incident.