Hino 5-Ton Thinkware FA200 and CLD Kong LED

Our customer picked up this brand new Hino 5-ton truck and wanted to fit it with a dash cam and better headlights. While aftermarket headlight housings are available for this sort of truck, you can also simply change the bulb to a brighter LED. On this truck the factory bulb was an H4 which is both the high and low beam. We installed the CLD Kong lifetime warranty LED bulbs. These bulbs have a 6500K white colour temperature similar to most modern factory LED bulbs. We also changed the interior bulb to Philips 31mm Ultinon LED bulbs.

For the dash cam, we went with the Thinkware FA200 1-channel with a 128GB micro SD card. This camera is hardwired for parking mode and will record any motion or impacts while the truck is parked overnight. The large truck batteries can usually keep these cameras running for a decent amount of time without any issues unlike smaller passenger cars. A battery pack is not really needed for this kind of application. A 128GB card is absolutely necessary as these trucks spend so much time on the road. The standard 16GB card that it comes with can only record for about an hour to an hour and a half before it starts looping over and deleting older videos.

A dash cam is an absolutely crucial investment for any business vehicle. In many cases because the truck is so large, an insurance adjuster may deem the truck at fault in a collision simply due to the size. However, with a dash cam, a driver can prove their lane position and various other factors that can get them out of a false insurance claim against them. This type of dash cam setup is very reliable yet costs less than $300 installed and simply pays for itself in the event of an accident. From an employer's perspective, even if their driver is at fault, the video can be used for coaching and training purposes as well.

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Hino 5 tonne led headlights

Philips interior led hino truck

H4 led hino truck

Hino led h4 bulb

Thinkware FA200 1-channel hino