H&R and Eibach Spacers for F87 BMW M2 Competition

Our customer came to us looking for spacers to give his black M2 Competition a more aggressive look. We regularly stock different sizes of spacers for BMW's and had 10, 12, and 15mm options to test out. We tried out the H&R 12mm on the front which ended up being too aggressive and caused some obvious rubbing with the fender liner (see picture below). The M2 competition has a different fender liner design compared to the older N55 powered M2's and so front clearance is less. With the 10mm we found that there was only very minimal rubbing when reversing quickly while turning the wheel. In the end we decided on a 10mm front and 15mm rear combo.

With the spacers added, the tires do poke slightly past the fender even with stock alignment and ride height. Those that plan on running wider tires down the road should consider a smaller spacer when running these 788M wheels on M2 Competition. The same should apply to 437M wheels which have the same width and offset. 

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BMW M2 F87 Competition spacers 10mm front 15mm rear

F87 Competition 10mm 15mm spacers H&R Eibach

Eibach 10mm spacer bmw m2c front

H&R 15mm spacer f87 m2c

M2 competition 12mm spacer rubbing