GMC Yukon Thinkware F800 Pro + Escort Radar/Shifter Install

We fitted this Yukon Denali with a Thinkware F800 Pro dash cam system and Escort laser defense system. For the jammer/shifter, we installed the Escort ZR5 Laser defense system with 2 front shifters. The sensors fit in between the holes of the Denali grille and are virtually the same size. We bent up some custom brackets to mount them in theses slots. The bridge box was mounted in the engine compartment and is capable of supporting an additional 2 sensors. We paired the Escort ZR5 with the Escort Max360C radar detector, these are paired together through the hardwired controller which mutes, changes volume, and switches from merely detecting to shifting with the ZR5. The Max360C is one of the best detectors on the market with excellent range, GPS autolearn, excellent filtering, and directional arrows. Meanwhile, the ZR5 offers defense against the latest laser guns including the DragonEye which is used in British Columbia and other parts of North America.  

For the dash cam, we hardwired the Thinkware F800 Pro (1-Channel) which offers good video quality with a 1080P Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor. This camera runs in parking mode off of the truck's battery to protect against hit and runs. With a larger truck like this, even the factory battery can give over half a day of recording with this kind of setup provided it's in good condition. 

Contact us today if you have any questions about radar detectors, shifters, jammers, and dash cams!

GMC Yukon Escort ZR5 laser shifter

Escort max360c and thinkware f800 pro

Escort zR5 thinkware install GMC yukon