GMC Yukon Hybrid Subwoofer Installation

Our customer recently picked up this Yukon Hybrid which was equipped with the Bose sound system. This SUV came with a small subwoofer in the center console under the armrest but our customer and many others have found it to be inadequate for filling such a large vehicle with good quality bass. He had a 10" subwoofer setup from his old truck to install in this Yukon while retaining the factory head unit.

We used a line out converter to tap the signal off of the factory Bose subwoofer under the armrest and ran the amp under the driver's seat. Because this amp did not come with a remote to control the bass, we used the Axxess AALC controller to control the subwoofer's volume level. We custom mounted this to the center console so that it's hidden and only the knob piece is showing. We ran the power from the battery in the engine bay and placed the subwoofer in the trunk as per our customer's request. With the street wedge Bassworx sealed enclosure, there is still usable trunk space behind the third row in this SUV.

Install Pictures

GMC yukon hybrid subwoofer install overdrive

GMC yukon factory subwoofer

GMC subwoofer bass knob

GMC yukon amplifier installation

GMC yukon factory bose deck

GMC yukon 10" subwoofer