GMC Sierra 1500 Thinkware FA200 1CH

As a value dash cam setup, look no further than the Thinkware FA200. In the 1-channel configuration, the dash cam records in 1080P and offers both WiFi and parking mode. WiFi download speeds are slightly slower than Thinkware's higher end dash cams, but overall you do get very similar features as their cameras that are 3 to 4 times more expensive. One bonus with the 1CH version is that power consumption is very low at around 2-2.5W so parking mode recording times in this configuration are significantly longer than 2-channel systems.

Our customer uses this Sierra for fishing adventures and various daily driver duties, and wanted a dash cam for added peace of mind. This camera was setup to record in parking mode as well with a configurable cutoff. For larger V8 engines, we don't recommend setting the voltage cutoff below 12.0V. This customer opted for our Thinkware FA200 1-CH install special which is a tremendous value at about $300 taxes and labour included.

Contact us today for different dash cam options. Let us know if you have a particular budget you're working with and we'll work to find you the best option for you and your vehicle!

GMC Sierra Thinkware FA200

Thinkware FA200 GMC Sierra