GMC Envoy Alpine ILX-W650 Audio Upgrade

When the factory radio on our customer's Envoy XUV started acting up, we helped him look into options to modernize his system. We wanted to help keep the setup within budget while giving as much connectivity and quality for the money as possible. In the end, we decided on the Alpine ILX-W650 which is one of the best head units featuring both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The 7" capacitive touchscreen looks very modern and is very responsive. To retain the factory chime and facilitate a proper install on these later model GM vehicles, special modules are required. We went with a pair of modules from Crux that retain the steering controls and provide NAV ouptuts on this truck.

The previous installed auxiliary input kit was shorting out the car's speakers so we had to replace the two blown front speakers. We modified the factory speaker bracket to fit a 6.5" Alpine S-S65 coaxial speaker. These speakers offer excellent bass response thanks to a large magnet while offering sweet highs with silk dome tweeters.

The backup camera is tricky to install due to the dual rear window setup and the tailgate that not only flips down but also swings out. Wire extension is typically needed for installing a backup camera on these trucks.

Envoy XUV Alpine Overdrive

Envoy XUV Backup Camera

Envoy XUV Alpine backup camera

Alpine ILX-W650 Double din gmc envoy

GMC Envoy Alpine S-Series speakers