GMC Canyon Thinkware 2 Channel Dash Cam Install

Our customer brought in this beautiful GMC Canyon Denali for a 2-channel (front and rear) dash cam install. We went with the Thinkware F770 which uses a Sony CMOS sensor for the front and rear cameras to offer excellent night vision. Additionally, it has handy features like GPS and WiFi to sync the time, change settings, and download videos. 

With a truck like this, installation is tricky as the fuse box location is difficult to access (passenger footwell) and the rear camera must be mounted off center to account for the sliding rear window. This camera is set up to record while parked as well, so the rear camera can actually record not only what's happening behind the truck but it acts as a surveillance camera for the truck bed as well.

Install Pictures

GMC Canyon dash cam install

GMC Canyon F770

GMc canyon rear dash cam