2021 MB GLE Thinkware F200 Pro + iVolt

Dash cameras have become an essential for drivers, as footage from the camera may save oneself from unnecessary liability or baseless accusations on the road. Our customer brought in their 2021 GLE for a Thinkware F200 Pro and the accompanying iVolt external battery. When installing the external batteries, the procedure usually is to hide the battery out of plain sight for the clean installation. In this vehicle, the battery manages to fit in the passenger side of the trunk, under the compartment. That way the battery does not occupy any of the usable cargo space. 

Newer Mercedes SUVs have shown some bothersome traits overall for dash cameras. The two main ones we've noticed are that: 

  • without the external battery, the dash cameras do drain the vehicle's original battery and the auxiliary battery (which is a common issue among Mercedes)
  • the rear camera is more difficult to route due to the grommet design on the GLE and the GLS, especially on the coupe style models*

*For these models, it is typical to require an extra hour of labour to finish installing the rear camera.