Ford Mustang SN-95 Pioneer Single Din Install

After experiencing some issues with the factory radio and amplifier, our customer opted to replace the unit in his 1997 Ford Mustang. This car was originally equipped with a cassette and CD player, as well as a factory amplifier even though this was not the premium "Mach 460" system with tweeters. For a simple bluetooth setup, he went with our Pioneer MVH-S322BT Special which includes the necessary parts and labour for most older vehicles. We put together this package for those that have older cars that just really want decent sound and call quality with bluetooth.

A lot of drivers opt for simple bluetooth FM transmitters but quickly get disappointed by the user friendliness and overall sound quality. In this case, because he was having issues with the factory radio, the FM transmitter was not an option. The Pioneer unit also comes with it's own external mic which can we installed on the headliner. Luckily, after replacing the radio, the amplifier worked again and all the speakers were making sound. The factory radio opening is a single din size but special removal keys are required for these 90's and 2000's Ford radios. The Pioneer mounts in the dash using the provided sleeve kit. 

Contact us today if you're sick of using FM transmitters and want great call and music quality via bluetooth!

Ford SN-95 Mustang Overdrive Radio

Ford Mustang SN-95 factory radio removal

Ford Mustang MVH-S322BT Pioneer single din