Ford Mustang (S550) Convertible 2CH Thinkware Q800 Pro

This S550 Ford Mustang Convertible came in for the Thinkware Q800 Pro 2CH dash cam. Typically with convertibles, we can mount the rear camera either near the front above the rearview mirror, or on the rear window. Both options are a compromise but our customer preferred to get it mounted near the front as they didn't want to see the wires on the rear window when the top was up. Also, when the top is down, the rear camera would not record anything since it's stowed away in the trunk. 

The rear camera on this setup can record the front seats and a bit of the rear window, but since the rear bumper is about 6-8 feet away from the camera, the car behind will be quite small and seeing license plates will be virtually impossible. The camera was hardwired to record in parking mode as well, so if the customer were to park with the top down, there is a surveillance system watching over them. 

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Ford Mustang S550 convertible dash cam

Thinkware Q800 Pro interior camera

convertible interior facing dash cam