Ford Maverick (P758) Eibach Lift Kit

The Ford Maverick is their newest addition to Ford's pickup truck fleet, and the physically smallest of the bunch. Our customer came to get their Maverick lifted, as they wanted some more ground clearance with the size of the vehicle. Eibach has been fast with releasing springs and lift kits for new vehicles that hit the market, which works well for our customer here. Eibach's lift kit for the Maverick Base XL 4WD lifts the front by 2" and the rear by 1". The lift allows for 31" tire clearance, which is a huge positive for the lift kit, but the downside is that these springs fully extend the strut so the ride will be stiff with limited downtravel.

Eibach Lift Kit for the Ford Maverick

  • 2" lift in the front, 1" lift in the rear
  • Fits 245/70-17 tires (31")