Ford F-350 Dually Thinkware FA200 + TWA-IFRT External Camera

Our customer uses this F-350 for all sorts of sports and towing his fifth wheel trailer so understandably puts a lot of mileage on this truck. The investment into a dash cam was a no-brainer but he wanted something that could do parking mode and record both front and rear. Our typical choice for a front and rear truck camera is the Blackvue DR750S-2CH Truck but that camera retails for about $1000 installed and was a bit out of his budget. The Thinkware FA200 is our best-selling entry level parking mode dash cams and it happened to have a waterproof truck camera option (TWA-F100IFRT). This camera was about half the cost of the Blackvue but doesn't offer 1080P rear recording like the Blackvue. 

We were able to install the rear camera in a well-hidden spot just between the license plate and the tailgate. The front camera was installed just behind the rearview mirror and is easily hidden on an older truck like this. The exterior camera comes with a 49 foot cable which is more than enough for the F-350. If it's a longer RV, bus, or commercial truck, the wire could be extended with solder but typically 15M/49 feet is plenty. 

Install Pictures

Thinkware FA200 F-350 dually

Thinkware exterior waterproof camera F200

Thinkware TWA-F100IFRT

Thinkware F200 external infrared truck camera