Ford F-150 Thinkware 4-Channel Dash Cam Install

A common question we get asked about our 2-channel dash cams is regarding how they can protect you if something were to happen on the side. In the vast majority of 2-channel (front and rear) installs, we mount one camera on the front window and one camera on the rear window. The front camera catches everything between/in-front of the A-pillars while the rear catches everything behind the rear window. However, this leaves a blind spot between the two cameras on either side of the vehicle. To tackle this issue, some customers may opt for a 4-channel setup which consists of two separate 2-channel systems.

In this vehicle we have the smaller rear cameras pointed out the rear side windows which would be helpful in the event of a door ding, break-in, or vandalism claim. It's important to note that these are incidents that happen while the vehicle is parked and most cars don't have a battery big enough to support two separate camera systems in parking mode overnight. To address this, we added two Cellink battery packs which were placed under the passenger seat. Each battery pack charges independently (~40 mins charge time from 0-100%) and are setup to power the two systems separately. 

The dash cam system our customer opted for was the Thinkware F800 Pro which is the best parking mode dash cam in our opinion. We like this system for a variety of reasons:

  • Excellent low-light image quality with Sony STARVIS sensors and Super Night Vision 2.0
  • Partitioned memory card with separate parking incident folders to prevent overwriting from driving/motion detection footage
  • Motion and Event notifications when switching back into continuous mode
  • Energy efficient design with significantly lower power consumption when compared to Blackvue and other dash cams

Install Pictures

Ford F150 Thinkware F800 Pro

Ford F150 Cellink battery pack dash cam

Ford F150 4 channel dash cam thinkware