Ford F-150 Platinum Thinkware U1000 2CH

A top of the line pickup truck deserves a top of the line dash cam, and the Thinkware U1000 is what we feel right now is the best of the best. With up to 4K front video resolution, a slim and sleek design, and fast WiFi app, this flagship dash cam has everything one might want in a premium dash cam. We hardwired this camera for parking mode recording to catch hit and runs and theft. 

Thinkware U1000 2CH Ford F-150

Our customer uses this truck to haul various hardware and materials that can be oversized so there is no tonneau cover or canopy to offer that extra bit of protection. For that reason, having a rear facing camera with parking mode recording ability gives the truck bed a good surveillance feature. Of course, he's covered for anything else he might encounter behind the wheel with amazing video quality through both front and rear cameras.

Thinkware U1000 Dash cam ford f-150

Ford F-150 2CH Dash Cam

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