Ford F-150 Limited 4-Channel Thinkware + Cellink Dash Cam System

After a confrontation that could have gotten physical, our customer wanted a camera system to not only protect him on the road but also to record anyone who might approach the windows, both while driving and while parked. It's an expensive vehicle with important work documents in it so security is a top priority.

The camera system we installed is essentially two separate Thinkware U1000 2-Channel Dash Cams. This is Thinkware's flagship dash cam at the moment and features a 4K front camera and 2K rear camera. We mounted the two 4K cameras on the front and rear windows and installed the two 2K secondary cameras on the C-Pillar facing forwards. Check out the stitched screenshot below to see what the viewing angle is like. It's not a true 360 degree system but it would catch anyone looking into the vehicle through either the front or rear doors and also provides some protection in the event of a sideswipe. 

To ensure the cameras record, we hardwired them to two Cellink Neo batteries, one for each dash cam. For a 4-Channel setup like this, getting two separate Cellink batteries is the preferred method of installation, as opposed to getting a Cellink Neo and an Cellink expansion battery. The reason why is that the regular Cellink batteries charge separately so it only takes about 40 minutes to fully charge both batteries. Whereas a Cellink Neo + expansion will take over an hour to charge. Another advantage to running two separate power supplies is that if one fails, you still have the other 2-channel system running and still potentially catching a different angle of an accident/event.

For a 4K + 2K camera system like this, upgrading the original 32GB memory card to a 128GB card is almost mandatory. The file sizes are huge and the 32GB will run out of space in about an hour. The rear camera has to be mounted off center as the rear window slides on this F-150. However, thanks to the wide angle of the U1000, the view out the back is still great.

Contact us today if you're looking to protect yourself and your vehicle with a camera system!

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