Ford F-150 F100 IR Interior Camera Installation

Certain dash cam models have the option for an interior infrared camera. You may want a dash cam like this if you drive for rideshare services or want to record the interior in the event of a break-in. We've also had security companies contact us to install these dash cams to monitor and protect their employees while on shift. Our customer in this case kept getting broken into while on the street and had racked up over a thousand dollars in comprehensive claims. 

Thinkware F100 Dash Cam Ford F150

We fitted his F-150 with the Thinkware F100 dash cam and IR rear camera. We also opted for a 64GB micro SD card and Thinkware's tamper proof case which makes it so that the camera can't be unplugged and the micro SD card can't be removed without a special key. The interior facing camera was placed just above the rearview mirror and isn't too obvious as it's only about 2 inches wide. 

Thinkware F100 IR camera ford F150


The front camera on this setup still records normally during driving and parking modes so the camera will be able to capture what happened in the event of an accident. In the event that someone breaks in and steals the rear IR camera, because the footage is saved in the front camera's Micro SD card, the clip would still be salvageable. Here is an example of the angle viewed from the interior facing camera on this Ford F-150:

Thinkware F100 Interior Camera


Here is an example of the interior IR camera catching a break-in. In this case, if the culprit was a neighbour or known to the police, it should be easy to pinpoint them and use the video as evidence.