Ford Escape Alpine S 6x8" Coaxial Speaker Install

Those that love to listen to loud music in their car may find that stock speakers don't last after a while. Our customer found that the speakers on their 2010 Ford Escape were distorting at louder volumes and not offering the clarity they were looking for. This car uses a standard Ford 6x8 speaker in which case various companies make a drop in speaker that do not require a bracket and can reuse the original bolt holes. The speaker harness will still need to be modified however. 

For Alpine, they make a replacement speaker in both the S-Series and The R-Series. The S-Series one is not quite as obvious as it's actually their 5x7" speaker which is very similar in size to a 6x8" and a bracket is included to adapt the speaker. The R-Series however, does come in an actual 6x8 but the difference in overall size and area is quite negligible.

Compared to the stock Ford Speaker, both units are coaxials with a tweeter in the middle. However, the tweeter is much nicer on the S-S57 with a 1" silk dome unit which sounds noticeably better. The power handling is also tripled with this speaker being rated at 75W RMS and the stock speaker around 20-25W RMS. This car did not have a provision for a component tweeter although one could be drilled in on the door card if necessary. That being said, the coaxial setup would be about half the price of a component 6x8" setup with parts and labour included making this a great value upgrade for the money. 

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