Ford E-Series Sony XAV-AX1000 Install

Our customer recently traded in his previous van for this 2012 E-350 Super Duty XLT.  This van serves as a moving vehicle, roadtrip vehicle, and tour vehicle for his band and thus a lot of time is spent in it. For that reason, updating the infotainment to something with real connectivity was important for this vehicle. The factory head unit only had a CD slot and auxiliary input for media options and did not support bluetooth handsfree calling although it is technically a "Microsoft Sync" unit. 

The Sony XAV-AX1000 is a great option for anyone looking to add Apple CarPlay to their vehicle. We know that many Apple iPhone users tend to be iOS users for life and don't need the Android Auto support that some more expensive head units offer. For that customer-base, the low cost and installer-friendly single din chassis makes the AX1000 a great fit. 

With the upgraded built-in amplifier on the Sony head unit, we recommend also upgrading the front door speakers for a modest upgrade in sound quality. These trucks and vans typically have very utilitarian components and the sound quality isn't all that great. A pair of speakers like the Kicker KS or Alpine S-Series for around $300-350 installed goes a long way to improve driver enjoyment. Due to the size and shape of these vehicles, road noise does also become a bit of an issue so speakers and sound deadening are common upgrades. Also with all the room, adding amps and subwoofers are not a problem at all!

Due to the popularity of these vehicles, third brake light mounted backup cameras are also an option. This particular vehicle had factory parking sensors so our customer did not opt for a camera option. With many vehicles, changing the factory radio may disable the parking sensors. Luckily we did not have that problem with this 2012 E-Series. 

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Ford Econoline Sony XAV-AX1000 E-350

Ford Sony XAV-AX1000