Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Track Prep

Our customer brought in their FK8 for lots of track prep goodies. Starting off the prep was the installing the Spoon Sports rigid collars. These upgrade the stability of the vehicle by lessening the steering wheel wobble due to the subframe moving/rattling under load. Then came the brakes and rotors, in which the stock parts were swapped to Girodisc and StopTech parts. While the stock rotors and pads hold up well on track, these upgrades provide better endurance and less fade during more intense sessions. To complete the setup, ARP extended wheel studs were upgraded on the front two wheel hubs. Contact us today for any track prep needs, whether parts or installs!

FK8 Track Prep List:

  • Spoon Sports Rigid Collars
  • Front: Girodisc rotors + StopTech Sport brake pads, ARP extended wheel studs
  • Rear: StopTech Sport slotted rotors + brake pads