Fastco Bronze FC04 on White Honda Civic Type R FK8 Winter Package

We fitted this 2020 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) with a set of Fast FC04 in bronze. These lightweight flow formed wheels weigh in at just 18.6 lbs. We paired them with a set of red Ceco spline drive lug nuts. The factory Type R 20" wheel and tire combo weighs in at just over 50 pounds, and the factory wheel weighs almost 30 pounds. The new combo weighs in at just under 43 pounds making it over 7 pounds a corner of reduced unsprung and rotational mass. Not only that but the new offset brings the wheels out an extra 14mm giving it a clean but more aggressive look.

For the tire, we went with the new Continental Viking Contact 7, this tire has tested very well in Tirerack's winter and ice testings with snow performance rivaling the latest from Michelin and Bridgestone. 

Contact us today for a safe, functional, and attractive winter wheel and tire package. Let our experts find what works for your car and your budget! 

FK8 Honda Civic Type R Bronze FC04

Honda Civic FK8 Winter wheels Fast FC04

Fast FC04 Bronze FK8 civic