Fast Replika R163A on BMW M2 Competition Winter Package

Unlike the standard M2, M3, and M4, the 2019 BMW M2 Competition gets a larger 6 piston brake caliper. Because of this, the car cannot take an 18" wheel which tends to limit winter tire options. The factory size is a 245 front and 265 rear stagger which is not a common size for winter tires. We decided to go with a square setup for winter with 255/35-19 tires all around, this will be more convenient as the customer can rotate the tires front to rear which will significantly prolong their lifespan. It also keeps costs down. 

With the wheel offset, we went with a 19x8.5 +20 all around which is nicely matched to the 255 tire. The factory size is a 9" wide front wheel with a 245 tire which makes it a bit stretched. The extra sidewall on the front tires is a nice plus for winter driving. With this offset and tire combination, the customer did not experience any rubbing lock-to-lock.

One thing to note is that these wheels do not accept the factory center caps, instead they come with a blank center cap and the genuine BMW 64.5mm center cap emblem needs to be purchased separately. These are available for around $20 from the dealership (part number 36-13-1-181-080, 36131181080). These are also normal cast wheels and not forged like the genuine BMW Style 437M wheels so they are noticeably heavier, although they are similar in weight to the M2 Competition's wheels.

Wheel and Tire Specs

  • 19x8.5 +20
  • 5x120 Bolt Pattern
  • Gloss Silver
  • 28.6 lbs per wheel
  • 255/35R19 Nexen Winguard Sport 2 96V XL

Contact us today if you're looking for an attractive and affordable winter wheel and tire setup! For reference, this combo came in at under $2000 including TPMS sensors.


Fast Replika R163A BMW M2 Competition 19x8.5

Fast Replika R163A BMW M2 Competition 19" brakes

Fast Replika R163A BMW M2 Competition