Fast FC08 on Infiniti Q50S Hybrid

We installed these Fast FC08 wheels on the Infiniti Q50S Hybrid to replace the stock run flat tire combo. We installed these with our Max Sensor TPMS kit to retain the function of the TPMS. For the tires, we went with the Continental DWS06 which is a great tire for Vancouver/Richmond's milder winters. Because the Fast wheels are flow formed, the overall setup was significantly lighter than the stock run flats. There really wasn't a reason for Infiniti to give these cars run flats as they do come with a spare tire in the trunk. 

For this install, we needed a 3mm spacer to clear the front brakes. Also the standard depth Fast FC center cap does not clear the front axle. An extended depth version is available however. This setup does not rub from lock-to-lock with stock suspension and alignment. We used a spline drive lug nut for this application but most conical lug nuts should work for this wheel/car combination.

Wheel Specs

  • 18x9.5 +38 Fast FC08 (3mm spacer required to clear front brakes) 
  • 275/35-18 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 All Season Tires

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Fast FC08 Infiniti Q50 18x9.5

Infiniti Q50S Stock hybrid wheels

Fast FC08 Infiniti Q50S Hybrid

Infiniti Q50S Fast FC08