Fast FC04 Wheels on Honda Civic Type R Winter Package

We installed this winter wheel and tire package for this Sonic Grey FK8 Honda Civic Type R. We took these pictures a few days after installing so the wheels are a bit dirty but the speckle that is on these titanium FC04's actually works reasonably well at hiding brake dust. When paired with 225/45-18 Winter tires, this makes for a very affordable and attractive wheel and tire package. We previously lowered this car on Eibach Pro-Kit Springs.

Since these cars do not need TPMS sensors, a typical winter wheel and tire package with this sizing is well under $2000 before taxes. These wheels are lighter than the factory 20" wheels and will handle the winter climate much better than the stock Continental Summer tires. Downsizing from a 20" to an 18" is not an issue with these cars, but it is worth noting that not all 18" wheels will clear the brake calipers. This is usually an issue with the barrel diameter, so check first before ordering a wheel and don't assume any 18" 5x120 wheel will work. The Fast Wheels FC04 and FC08 will clear the brakes without any issues, however make sure to check proper lug nut clearance and torque. 

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Fast FC04 titanium sonic grey fk8