Fast FC04 on BMW X5 (G05) with Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV

We fitted this G05 generation, X5 40i with Fast FC04 flow formed wheels for winter. The Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV tires are in the factory size 275/45R20 but are not a run flat tire. This helps to save a lot of weight and keeps the cost very reasonable. The whole set of wheels, tires, TPMS, and installation came in under $3000.

The wheels are 20x9.5 +35 so sit about 6mm wider than stock, it's not an aggressive fitment but it's fairly clean and will fit both narrow and wider BMW X5's. The wheels weigh in at just 24.2 lbs per corner which is quite light for a 20x9.5. The FC04's are one of our best selling winter wheels because they look great and are well priced, however, previous generations of X5 were not compatible with this wheel because of the 74.1mm hub bore. With the new G series X5 we have a lot more wheel selection as most 5x112 wheels will work on this car (although hub rings are required)

These Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV are the latest from Michelin and an ideal choice for those looking for reliable winter performance. With the lighter weight wheels and tires, the car will surely stop, turn, and accelerate better in colder temperatures.

Contact us if you're looking for an affordable, stylish, and well-performing winter wheel and tire setup for your vehicle!

BMW X5 FC04 G05