F56 Mini Cooper Thinkware FA200 2 Channel Dash Cam Install

With the relatively upright front windshield on the Mini Cooper, some dash cams don't fit quite as nice as they do on other vehicles. We were able to install this Thinkware FA200 right behind the rear view mirror for a very discreet look. All wires professionally tucked and hardwired to the fuse box for parking mode power. This customer opted not to do a battery pack as they did not need overnight parking recording. Whenever more than 6 hours of parking recording are needed on a BMW/Mini, we recommend opting for a battery pack as these cars are sensitive to battery drains. 

Contact us if you're looking to fit your Mini or any other vehicle with a dash cam system!

F56 Mini Cooper Dash Cam

F56 Mini Cooper Thinkware FA200

thinkware FA200 Rear Camera F56 Mini Cooper