BMW 535i (F10) Replika R163A + Conti ExtremeContact DWS06+ Tires

Our customer brought in their 535i (F10) for a well-needed upgrade. A set of Replika R163A's wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 PLUS wiped away complaints of excessive noise and vibration from the previous set of wheels. The Conti's offer amazing all season traction, and the Replika's offer the 437M look in a more affordable method. The R163A's however do not offer the same weight savings as the 437M are forged wheels, whereas the Replika's are cast.

Replika R163A Spec:

  • Replika R163A 19x8.5 +20
  • 5x120 bolt pattern
  • Wrapped in 245/40-19 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 PLUS