Dodge Ram 1500 Blackvue DR750S-2CH Install

Pickup trucks see a lot of mileage every year so a dash cam is well worth the investment. The Blackvue DR750S-2CH was hardwired in this Ram 1500 not only to record while driving but also during parking mode. On pickup trucks, the rear camera is mounted on the rear window behind the second row seats. From this angle, it's not possible to catch license plates of vehicles behind the truck since the bed usually blocks it. That being said, the rear camera, especially in parking mode, is useful for catching any theft from the truck bed.

Many pickup truck owners use the bed to carry tools or other inventory so it makes sense to protect their investments. Because of the larger batteries in trucks, the dash cam can typically run for an above average amount of time before dropping to the cut off voltage. For the Ram 1500, we wire the Power Magic Pro to the accessory outlets in the center console. This way it will not trigger any errors with the cars various computers and modules. 

Those that are looking for even more parking recording time should consider an external battery pack like the Blackvue B-124. The benefit to this kind of setup is not only extended recording time but they also eliminate stress on the car's battery since there is no drain while the engine isn't running.

Install Pictures

Dodge Ram Blackvue Install
Dodge Ram 1500 blackvue dr750s-2ch install 2 channel
Dodge Ram DR750S-2CH Install