Dodge Caravan Rideshare Upgrade Package (CarPlay + Dash Cam)

Our customer racks up a significant amount of mileage on this Caravan for work in various food delivery and rideshare jobs (>5000km a month). And thus the factory system in this base Caravan wasn't quite cutting it. The factory UConnect unit could no longer take bluetooth calls and it became risky for our customer to pick up the phone without proper handsfree access. It was important to retain full function of the steering controls which we were able to do via a Crux interface module. The factory voice recognition button could then activate Siri (while connected to CarPlay) and the phone buttons could answer and hang up calls. 

Dodge Caravan radio replacement

With such a large vehicle, he also wanted a backup camera which would make parking safer and easier. We installed a compact Echomaster camera which delivers crystal clear images. The camera quality on this was significantly better than the video quality offered on factory Chrysler Town & Country vans that we've done camera retention on in the past. All this was tied into the Alpine ILX-W650 which supports both Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Alpine is a logical choice for FCA vehicles where Alpine is often the brand of the factory premium sound systems!

Alpine ILX-W650 Caravan Thinkware FA200 IRC

We also installed a Thinkware FA200 IRC system which has an interior infrared camera. This is a must-have for rideshare drivers as it records standard front facing videos for insurance purposes, as well as passenger behaviour in the event that an altercation or false allegations occur. The camera can be accessed via WiFi and also can be paired with a GPS antenna for speed and red light camera alerts. These would be especially important for professional drivers who need to keep a clean driving abstract.

Echomaster backup camera dodge caravan

All-in-all we were happy to accommodate the budget and needs of our customer and wish him the best with his busy schedule. Contact us today if you're looking to do rideshare or delivery driving and need to outfit your vehicle with better tech! 

Backup camera double din dodge caravan