CLD Kong LED Series Bulb Review

We're always looking for products to expand our product lineup and satisfy the different needs of our customers. We've worked with CLD and their parent company Robert Thibert for a while now and we're proud to be one of the first to bring on their new KONG series LED replacement bulbs. Like our illuminX series, these bulbs use a passive heatsink rather than a ball bearing fan. This means one less moving part and one less thing to go wrong. Where it differs however is the size of this heatsink which is significantly smaller than the illuminX bulbs and other products on the market.

We've come across a number of vehicles that have space restrictions where the larger heatsinks simply will not clear without drilling or cutting. This makes the KONG series a particular good choice for fog light applications. These bulbs also come with an IP67 rating while most of its competitors only carry a IP65 rating. IP65 products are protected against water jets while IP67 can actually be submerged for 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. To back up the robustness of these bulbs, CLD offers a lifetime warranty which is second to none. Unlike other brands you may find online, CLD is backed by one of the largest auto parts distributors in Canada and are based in Montreal with a real tech support line. 

CLD KONG Features and Benefits

  • Philips LED chips
  • IP67 Rating
  • Compact fan-less heatsink design
  • Lifetime warranty through CLD
  • 4000 Lumens output per bulb (8000 Lumens total)
  • 6500K colour temperature

CLD Kong LED bulbs review