Chrysler 300 Sony XAV-AX5000 Install

These large sedans are unique and have a large following, but the factory radio back in 2006 leaves much to be desired today. With lots of room in the trunk, aftermarket subwoofers are a popular option for the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Chargers. While you could add a subwoofer to the factory system using something like the AudioControl LC2i or even a basic line out converter, neither option adds any convenience to your daily driver. With an aftermarket head unit like the best-selling Sony XAV-AX5000 not only do you get RCA pre-outs for aftermarket amplifiers, but you get a 10 band EQ and other neat audio features to fine tune your experience easily through a 7" capacitive display. 

The XAV-AX5000 is such a popular head unit because of it's snappy response and its combination of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It's one of the most affordable decks to offer both systems. It's Sirius XM ready (optional tuner required) and offers bluetooth handsfree calling/voice recognition features. With two USB ports, this head unit also allows audio and video playback through a USB thumb drive. 

Furthermore, the aftermarket double din is the perfect way to add a backup camera to an otherwise large and difficult to park car, and that's just what we did for this customer. The iDatalink Maestro RR is the perfect accessory to replacing the factory radio for DIYers and professional install shops alike. It saves a lot of time by providing the appropriate outputs such as accessory power, reverse, and parking brake triggers. Additionally, the Maestro takes care of steering control and retention of the factory amplifier. If you have a deck with the dedicated Maestro input, you can even display TPMS, engine codes, and various performance gauges through your screen.

Install Pictures

Chrysler 300 overdrive auto tuning car audio

Sony XAV-AX5000 double din chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 backup cam