Chevrolet Camaro Dash Cam and Rho-Plate Install

This Camaro owner recently picked up his RS model and came in for a dash cam. We recommended the Blackvue DR900S-2CH as it has excellent audio and video quality with impressive WiFi and parking mode features. We paired it to the Blackvue B-124 battery pack to provide overnight parking mode recording power. For cars with louder exhausts, we find that Blackvue's dash cams offer much better audio quality than Thinkware's. 

We noticed he didn't run a front license plate so we ordered a Rho-Plate V2 tow hook mount for him. Many drivers don't like to run a front plate as it involves drilling into their bumper but the tow hook mount solves that issue. The Rho plate V2 is a high quality piece that won't rust like cheaper plate mounts and it's well worth the investment when you consider that a no-front plate ticket goes for over $100. 

PRO TIP: If you are installing a hardwire kit, battery pack, or other 12V accessory using the Camaro's rear fuse box, you will need to start the engine to test for accessory power. Simply pressing the start button and putting it in accessory mode will not turn on accessory power for switched fuses.

Install Pictures

Chevrolet Camaro Overdrive

Chevrolet Camaro Blackvue dr900s-2ch

Chevrolet camaro blackvue dr900s-2ch

Chevrolet Camaro Blackvue b-124 battery