Chevrolet Astro (2nd Generation) Kicker and Pioneer Sound System Upgrade

After years of reliable service, our customer's factory radio in his 1995 Chevrolet Astro began to act up. The rear door speakers were blown and the front dash speakers had been damaged after 25 years under the sun. He grew sick and tired of using FM transmitters to listen to Spotify on his iPhone and wanted a proper bluetooth setup with decent sound quality. 

We installed a Pioneer DEH-S5200BT single din head unit which allows for a lot more modern connectivity than the factory tape deck. This unit plays back CD, USB for FLAC files, Aux input, and bluetooth music. Additionally, with the SmartSync app from Pioneer, the user can easily configure the EQ and various DSP related features much easier than you would on a typical single din radio. 

For the speakers, we went with Kicker's KS series all around with 6.5" coaxial speakers on the dashboard and on the rear tailgate doors. These speakers are very durable and are rated at 100W RMS. They feature a 3/4" tweeter which is great as this factory system did not have provisions for tweeters. We played around with the EQ and sound settings and were impressed with the clarity and power handling of this system.

Contact us today if your vehicle is in need of a sound quality and connectivity upgrade!

Chevrolet Astro Pioneer Kicker Sound System

Pioneer DEH-S5200BT Bluetooth Chevy astro

Kicker KS speakers Chevrolet Astro

Kicker KS Rear speaker bracket chevrolet astro gmc savana

Chevrolet astro rear door speakers