Caught on Dash Cam: Rear Ended by Distracted Evo Car Share Driver in Prius C

Our customer caught this on their Thinkware F770 dash cam purchased 3 years ago (The replacement for this model is the Thinkware F800 Pro). He was rear ended while stopped in traffic by an Evo Car Share driver in a Toyota Prius C. We believe the driver may have seen the other lane moving in his peripheral vision while looking down at his phone and thought it was time to go. The rear camera catches the license plate clearly (BE269P) while the front camera footage offers additional context to the situation. 

By seeing the front camera, we can tell that our customer is not arbitrarily stopped and that there is a slight traffic jam in front of him. Rear end accidents like this are typically simple cases for determining fault but it doesn't hurt to have dash cam footage to prevent any surprise "witnesses" from claiming otherwise. Without dash cam footage, it's possible for the other driver to claim the car in front rolled back and even have witnesses support their claim. 

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