Camry SE/XSE Fog Light and DRL Kit Install

We installed this fog light/DRL kit for our customer's Camry SE. The car came with blank grilles on the bumper but had mounting holes for a fog light housing. These installs typically require bumper removal and can be tricky as wires need to be run through the firewall and into the cabin to install the fog light on/off switch. We've seen this kit with only the DRL/Turn signal as well, in which case, wires do not need to be run to the cabin. 

The 3 bands on the new corner grille are switchback LEDs. This means that under normal driving conditions, they are white, however when the corresponding turn signal is hit, they will switch to amber. The fog light itself is an LED unit which doesn't take a standard halogen bulb like an H11 or 9005/9006. This kit gives the vehicle a more premium appearance and enhanced night visibility thanks to the fog lights. 

Contact us today if you're interested in installing a fog light/DRL kit for your car! 

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