Buick Regal (G-Body) Kicker Speaker Upgrade

Our customer just had an engine swap done on his Buick Regal and needed some of the electronics addressed. We upgraded all the interior lights to LED's and added two strips of lighting in the footwell as he noted that it was hard to see if he dropped anything on the floor.

Buick Regal Overdrive

The dash speakers are 3.5" speakers which are still common for dashboard mounted applications today. Many new GM, Honda, Ford, and European brands use 3.5" dash speakers although often times they are only center speaker units. As the windshield was replaced at some point, a bit of moisture had gotten onto these speakers and they were thoroughly ruined (see pictures below). We replaced these with Kicker KS 3.5" coaxials which fit the factory spot with no modification.

Kicker 3.5" speakers Buick Regal

The rear deck speakers are an oddball size that's not really used today. Very few aftermarket manufacturers actually even make a 4x10" speaker but it is common on older GM vehicles. We installed a matching Kicker KS coaxial 4x10" in the rear. For both the new front and rear speakers, 0.5" silk dome tweeters are mounted in-line which helps significantly with accurate high note reproduction. A compact 4CH amp would be ideal in improving sound quality on this classic car. 

4x10" speaker

The rear speakers were in better shape than the fronts but being a factory unit from over 30 years ago, anything modern would be a huge upgrade. After addressing the speakers, we installed a basic Compustar alarm and keyless entry system. This kit comes with a 105dB siren which we mounted under the hood. This gives the classic car a bit of modern convenience and security, but the remote is relatively basic compared to some of the higher end Compustar systems with FM remotes. It is however comparable to the range of many factory alarm/keyless entry systems. 

buick regal g body engine bay swap

Check out the video below to see the footwell lights in action. The lights can be controlled with a wireless remote. This is one of the strobe functions but it can also be set to solid colours and brightness is adjustable. For a consultation on upgrading your vehicle, please contact us today!