BMW X7 (G07) Winter Package + Michelin X-Ice Snow

Our customer brought in their brand new X7 just in time for a winter package (wheels and tires) after finding out BMW quoted a hefty $6400 before taxes. Through our research, it's found that the X7 can downsize from the factory 22" wheels to 20", opening up more options and stock for winter tires. While the OEM winter spec is 20x9 +35, we opted to go with +25 as it does let the tires sit more flush to the fender while also providing more track width. The X7 is a much taller vehicle so a wider track width provides more rollover protection.

The wheels and tires chosen are Braelin BR10's (20x9 +35) mounted on Michelin X-Ice Snows (255/55-20). Braelins have been a popular choice among BMW owners here in Vancouver, and Michelin's X-Ice Snows are superb winter tires. Specs are below and the price at the time of purchase was sub $4000 before taxes, including TPMS! 

Braelin BR10 + Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV

  • BR10 in Satin Grey finish
  • 20x9 +25 square
  • Guaranteed load rating for the X7
  • Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV
  • 255/55-20 square