BMW X5 with Thinkware F770 and Cellink NEO

With our experience installing dash cams in high end automobiles, we've learned that the late model F-series BMW all have a problem with battery discharging throwing error messages on the iDrive system. When we install a parking mode dash cam, they're typically hardwired into the fuse box and drain the car's battery until a preset cutoff voltage. On most cars this isn't an issue but on BMW's this will cause a "low battery warning" when the vehicle is parked overnight with a dash cam running.

bmw x5 dash cam install

To avoid this error completely, we recommend a battery pack like the Cellink NEO which is a standalone battery just for the dash cam. This is hardwired only to an accessory (or ignition switched) fuse, meaning it will only drain power when the car is on. This not only avoids computer error messages but will prolong the life of the factory battery and provide longer recording time than traditional hardwiring as well. 

Thinkware F770 in F15 BMW X5

For this F15 generation X5, our customer opted for the Cellink NEO and Thinkware F770 front and rear dash cam. This setup offers Full HD recording to protect the front and rear of the vehicle along with other features like WiFi and GPS. With the fully charged Cellink NEO battery, the camera can record for more than 24 hours in parking mode!

Thinkware F770 rear camera X5

The rear camera is mounted at the top of the windshield, pointed down to catch license plates of vehicles behind the car. For this install, we used the rear fuse box and placed the Cellink NEO under the trunk floor. To connect the Cellink to the fuse box, an add-a-fuse kit (or fuse tap) is required.

BMW X5 Fuse Box