BMW X5 LED Fog Light Upgrade

On the F15 and F16 generations of the BMW X5 and X6 in Canada, LED fog lights are not available and standard halogen bulbs are used. The result is not only lackluster light output but when fitted with the adaptive LED lights, the mismatched colour makes the fog lights look very out of place. For this X5 we went with the Infinity LED replacement bulbs which come with a 10 year warranty and uses Philips LED chips. These bulbs also have the option to add a film to change the colour to a 3000K yellow temperature which will offer a contrast that will look more attractive than the factory halogen colour. Not only that but yellow light produces less glare and may help the driver see better in poor road conditions.

For these BMW's a Canbus resistor kit is needed to prevent any error lights. Coding the car's computer is another option to avoid error messages. This is because the power draw of the LED bulbs are typically less than halogen bulbs so the vehicle may think the bulb is burnt out. We don't recommend HID for these applications as there is a lot more heat generated which can be an issue, and there is limited space behind the fog light to mount a ballast. 

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BMW X5 LED Fog lights

BMW X5 infinityled led foglights

BMW X5 LED fog light swap